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London West District of Cycling Time Trials

Order your District Yearbook for 2014

2014 District Yearbook Cover

The London West District Yearbook for 2014 is available to order. The Yearbook is an essential guide containing event listings, course descriptions and details of clubs affiliated to London West District.

The price is £5.50 with cheques payable to "J A Burgin".

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Welcome to the website of the CTT London West District. On our site you'll find information about the time trials events in the London West Area as well as contacts for clubs and the district's officials.

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Latest News

Events for the next seven days

29-JulTueFarnham Road ClubH10/81019:00
29-JulTueBicester Millennium Cycling ClubH2.5/20 (x10)2519:00
29-JulTueHigh Wycombe Cycling ClubHCC2021019:00
29-JulTueReading Cycling ClubHCC201b15.719:15
30-JulWedCharlotteville Cycling ClubHCC123a1019:00
30-JulWedNewbury Road ClubHCC255a12.319:00
30-JulWedWesterley Cycling ClubH19/11b1019:15
30-JulWedBath Road ClubHCC2271019:15
30-JulWedOxonian Cycling ClubH10/1811019:30
30-JulWedMiddlesex Road ClubH10/21019:45
31-JulThuAlton Cycling ClubH10/81019:00
31-JulThuHounslow & District WheelersHCC0831019:00
31-JulThuFarnborough & Camberley Cycling ClubHCC1751019:00
31-JulThuHillingdon TriathletesCode1019:15
31-JulThuDidcot Phoenix Cycling ClubHCC1181019:15
31-JulThuNorth Hampshire Road ClubH10/11019:30
31-JulThuMaidenhead & District Cycling ClubH10/21019:45
02-AugSatSouth Bucks Road ClubH10/21009:00
03-AugSunFarnham Road Club ((2-UP TTT))H25/82508:00
03-AugSunFarnham Road Club ((4-UP TTT))H25/82508:00
03-AugSunFarnham Road Club ((Tandem))H25/82508:00
03-AugSunOxonian Cycling ClubH25/17s2508:00
03-AugSunMaidenhead & District Cycling ClubHCC0012515:00
05-AugTueFarnham Road ClubH10/81019:00
05-AugTueBicester Millennium Cycling Club ((4-UP))H2.5/201019:00
05-AugTueHigh Wycombe Cycling ClubHCC2021019:00
05-AugTueReading Cycling ClubHCC25918.219:00