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Course Description for H50/8

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Course Name:
A31 Bentley-Chawton-Farnham-Bentley
O.S. RefDescriptionDistance
796442Start at a point in the lead out onto the A31 from the lay-by on the south side at the commencement of the Bentley by-pass, approximately 800 yards west of the Bull Public House on the north side of the A31 and 5 yards beyond the last but one drain grating and 25 yards short of the large road direction sign marked Bentley ½m'.0
736403Proceed (Care) to join the A31 and continue to go westwards along the Bentley by-pass through Froyle to the Holybourne roundabout, keep to the left hand lane road markings.4.702
704374Taking the first exit left and continue straight on (M1) along the A31 to the Chawton roundabout. (turn)7.644
736403Circle the roundabout ((M2, M3, M4) (Check) and take the fourth exit to retrace along the A31 to the Holybourne roundabout. (Great care, fast approach, vehicles on your right).10.9
828459Take the second exit (M5) and keeping on the A31 and continue via the Bentley by-pass to the Farnham roundabout at the junction with the A325. (Great care needed).17.768
795441Circle the roundabout (M6, M7, M8) (Check) and take the fourth exit to retrace along the A31 to go pass the start point.20.181
736403Holybourne roundabout.24.883
704374Chawton roundabout. Turn)27.825
736403Holybourne roundabout30.871
828459Farnham roundabout. Turn)37.949
795441Through the start point.40.362
736403Holybourne roundabout. (Final turn) circle this roundabout (M8, M9, M10)(Check) take the fourth exit to retrace along the A.31 to the Bentley by-pass45.064
796442Continue along the by-pass (A.31) to a point just beyond the Start point that is on the south side of the dual carriageway and 150yds beyond the road exit from Bentley Village on the North side 707yds short of the Gravel Hill Road cross roads where finish.50