CTT London West District

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London West District Time Trial Programme for 2014

Forthcoming Events

20-AugWedNorth Hampshire Road ClubH10/81018:30
20-AugWedNewbury Road ClubH10/3a1018:45
20-AugWedCharlotteville Cycling ClubHCC123a1018:45
20-AugWedBath Road ClubHCC2271019:00
21-AugThuAlton Cycling ClubH10/81018:30
21-AugThuMaidenhead & District Cycling ClubH10/101019:00
21-AugThuBasingstoke Tri SquadH50km/184.31 km19:00
21-AugThuHounslow & District WheelersHCC0831019:00
21-AugThuFarnborough & Camberley Cycling ClubHCC1751019:00
23-AugSatNorth Hampshire Road ClubHCC204 (x2)2015:00
23-AugSatDidcot Phoenix Cycling Club ((incorporates a tandem event))H10/1811016:00
25-AugMonWesterley Cycling ClubH25/82508:00
25-AugMonNewbury Road ClubH10/11009:00
25-AugMonNewbury Road ClubH25/12509:00
26-AugTueReading Cycling ClubHCC2341018:45
26-AugTueFarnham Road ClubH10/81019:00
26-AugTueBicester Millennium Cycling ClubH2.5/201019:00
27-AugWedNewbury Road ClubH10/3a1018:30
27-AugWedOxonian Cycling ClubHCC2601018:45
27-AugWedBath Road ClubHCC2271019:00
28-AugThuAlton Cycling ClubH10/81018:30
28-AugThuHounslow & District WheelersHCC0831018:45
28-AugThuMaidenhead & District Cycling ClubHCC2341018:45
28-AugThuFarnborough & Camberley Cycling ClubHCC24811.518:45
30-AugSatReading Cycling Club ((TT Series (3 of 4)) (incorporates a tandem event))H10/81014:00
30-AugSatNorth Hampshire Road ClubH19/11a18.215:00
31-AugSunWest London Combine ((WLC clubs only))H25/42507:30
31-AugSunDidcot Phoenix Cycling Club ((Club Hill Climb))HHC0121.809:30
31-AugSunDidcot Phoenix Cycling Club ((Club Hill Climb))HHC0050.510:30
31-AugSunFairly United Cycling Team ((fixed gear only (any size)))H10/17r1015:00
31-AugSunFairly United Cycling Team ((incorporates a tandem event))H10/17r1015:00
31-AugSunFairly United Cycling Team ((road bikes only - no aero kit))H10/17r1015:00
31-AugSunThe Tricycle Association (TVR) ((incorporates a tandem event) (Tricycles only))H10/17r1015:00
02-SepTueReading Cycling ClubHCC1321018:45
02-SepTueBicester Millennium Cycling Club ((2-UP))H2.5/201019:00
03-SepWedNewbury Road ClubH10/3a1018:30
03-SepWedBath Road ClubHCC2271018:45
04-SepThuMaidenhead & District Cycling ClubHCC2341018:30
04-SepThuFarnborough & Camberley Cycling ClubH10/48.518:45
06-SepSatSouth Bucks Road ClubH10/21009:00
06-SepSatCharlotteville Cycling ClubH10/81014:00
06-SepSatCharlotteville Cycling Club ((incorporates a tandem event))H10/81014:00
06-SepSatNorth Hampshire Road Club ((road bikes))HHC026 (x3)16.415:00
07-SepSunAlton Cycling ClubH25/82508:00
07-SepSunG S HenleyHCC2682908:00
07-SepSunDidcot Phoenix Cycling ClubH12h/80.509:30
07-SepSunMaidenhead & District Cycling ClubHCC0012515:00
10-SepWedNewbury Road ClubH10/31014:30
10-SepWedBath Road ClubHCC2271018:30
11-SepThuMaidenhead & District Cycling ClubHCC2341018:15
11-SepThuFarnborough & Camberley Cycling ClubH10/48.518:30
13-SepSatFarnborough & Camberley Cycling ClubH25/882510:00
13-SepSatNorth Hampshire Road Club ((slowest 30 riders))H25/82513:30
13-SepSatNorth Hampshire Road Club ((incorporates a tandem event) (slowest 150 riders))H25/82514:00
14-SepSunWest London Combine ((WLC clubs only))HCC1801008:00
17-SepWedNewbury Road ClubH10/31014:30
20-SepSatAmersham Road Cycling ClubHHC0190.709:00
20-SepSatWest London Cycling Association ((incorporates a tandem event))H10/3a1014:00
20-SepSatNorth Hampshire Road ClubHHC02911.515:00
21-SepSunHounslow & District WheelersHCC0012509:30
21-SepSunMaidenhead & District Cycling ClubH29/1829.510:00
21-SepSunMaidenhead & District Cycling Club ((2-UP TTT))H29/1829.510:00
21-SepSunReading Cycling Club ((TT Series (4 of 4)) (incorporates a tandem event) (2-stage hill climb (1 of 2)))HHC0121.810:00
21-SepSunReading Cycling Club ((hill climb))HHC0121.810:00
21-SepSunReading Cycling Club ((hill climb))HHC0050.511:00
21-SepSunReading Cycling Club ((TT Series (4 of 4)) (incorporates a tandem event) (2-stage hill climb (2 of 2)))HHC0050.511:30
24-SepWedNewbury Road ClubH10/31014:30
27-SepSatFarnborough & Camberley Cycling ClubHHC0181.5 km14:00
27-SepSatNorth Hampshire Road ClubH50km/199.6 km15:00
28-SepSunNewbury Road ClubHHC0204.410:00
28-SepSunNewbury Road Club ((Walbury Hill only))HHC0280.810:00
28-SepSunHigh Wycombe Cycling Club ((Hill CLimb))HHC0210.610:15
04-OctSatNorth Hampshire Road ClubH19/11a18.215:00
05-OctSunVTTA (London & Home Counties Group) ((incorporates a tandem event) (VTTA members only))H25/2a2508:00
05-OctSunBath Road ClubHCC1781009:00
05-OctSunMaidenhead & District Cycling Club ((triple Hill Climb (3)))HHC0110.510:00
05-OctSunMaidenhead & District Cycling Club ((Triple Hill Climb (1)))HHC0240.710:00
05-OctSunMaidenhead & District Cycling Club ((Triple Hill Climb (2)))HHC0251.210:00
11-OctSatFarnborough & Camberley Cycling ClubH25/882510:00
12-OctSunWest London Combine ((WLC clubs only))HHC0110.509:30
12-OctSunNorth Hampshire Road Club ((with club championship))HHC0090.511:00
18-OctSatHounslow & District WheelersHCC137 (x3)2714:00
19-OctSunWesterley Cycling ClubHCC1801009:00
19-OctSunAlton Cycling Club ((club members only))H2.5/201010:00
19-OctSunOxford University Cycling ClubHHC0071705 yards10:00
19-OctSunWesterley Cycling ClubHHC0190.711:30
26-OctSunHounslow & District WheelersHHC0110.511:00
01-NovSatSouth Bucks Road ClubRichmond Park0.510:00
08-NovSatFarnborough & Camberley Cycling ClubHCC1751010:00
13-DecSatFarnborough & Camberley Cycling ClubH10/81010:00
21-DecSunFarnborough & Camberley Cycling Club ((incorporates a tandem event))H10/81010:00
26-DecFriHigh Wycombe Cycling ClubHCC2021010:00
26-DecFriMaidenhead & District Cycling ClubH10/21010:30
26-DecFriDidcot Phoenix Cycling Club ((Christmas Cup. DPCC members only))HCC2411011:00
01-JanThuFarnham Road ClubH10/81011:00
10-JanSatFarnborough & Camberley Cycling ClubH10/81010:00
07-FebSatFarnborough & Camberley Cycling ClubH10/81010:00